Homelessness on the Rise for LGBTQ2 Youth

Homelessness on the Rise for LGBTQ2 Youth in Toronto

Homelessness has been a disastrous issue of our nation for a long time now. What is minimized in Canada’s national statistics is the alarming rate of LGBTQ2 whom experience this. Researchers have found that LGBTQ2 youth are twice more likely to be homeless than the general population. Here is an infograph displaying research within the LGBTQ2 of Toronto, Ontario.



Homelessness and Violence

Violence can be found anywhere, done by anyone, and felt by everyone. The LGBTQ2 community unfortunately has a double-edged sword in terms of experiencing violence. LGBTQ2 individuals are at a higher risk of violence due to society’s homo/transphobia.



Motivation and Reassurance

It Gets Better is an American website full of amazingly beautiful people motivating others around the world to not plummet within their own miseries and to rise above all their difficulties. It features an abundance of celebrities, political figures, and common citizens. Here is a video of Barack Obama!


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