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We all deal with stress in our lives and this can lead to us not taking the best care of ourselves. This only adds to our stress levels. Stress can be caused by lots of different situations including anything from being new at school to being in an unhealthy relationship to wanting to help a friend with a difficult situation to experiences of abuse (past or present).

Self-care is any activity which can help to improve our health and wellbeing. This includes activities that relax you and make you happy.


Everyone’s self-care activities look different but here are some examples of things that might help manage stress:

  • Talking with friends
  • Watching a favourite movie
  • Listening to music
  • Reading a book
  • Going for a walk, exercising or playing a favourite sport
  • Indulging in a favourite food
  • Journaling
  • Playing with or cuddling with a family pet
  • Taking some deep breaths
  • Having a nap
  • Seeking help or support (for example, from a trusted adult or a crisis support line)


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Self-care is important because it allows us to pay attention to and look after ourselves. This can help us from feeling overwhelmed or unwell. Self-care can also leave us with the energy to form and nurture healthy relationships.