Sexist Summer Camp?

Think back to your childhood summer camp days (and hey, maybe you are now a camp leader!). Do you remember the camp games, songs, activities that made you miss the cabin at the end of the week?

Do you remember feeling empowered, confident, and energized?

This Ontario town is offering gender-segregated camps that not only promote traditional gender-roles but their advertising is centered on the segregation!

The girls camp, offering mani-pedi’s, scrapbooking and “much more” even advertises that it’s “every girl’s dream camp”! Ladies, does it sound like a dream to you to be corralled into a gender box for a week knowing that you have to wake up every day and put a smile on your face and gush at how fabulous and fun your week has been instead of feeling strong, confident and more mature because you learned survival skills or you completed the obstacle course in your personal best time?

Let’s brainstorm…..

How can we, as a generation, move forward to minimize gender-role segregation and empower each other and future generations?

How can we teach each other, our elders and future generations to be confident and secure in what we are and to reject conforming to gender boxes?

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